7️⃣ Finishing touches

We've come a long way. We now have a fully-functional and good-looking website.

In what is the last section of coding before we move on to deploy our finished project, we'll add some refinements and finishing touches that will add a veneer of professionalism to our site.

We'll add a loading indicator (sometimes called a 'spinner') so that the user knows something is happening in the background while data is being fetched from the REST API.

No website is complete without a 404 page. We hope we'll never need it, but we should have one just in case. We'll add one!

We will also take a look at a couple of other components that Frontity provides. Firstly we'll see how we can use the <html2react> component to process our content, and then we'll use the <Head> component to make our site SEO friendly.

We'll round out this section with some ideas and suggestions for more finishing touches that you could add on your own. Don't worry - we'll give you some hints and tips, and show you where you can find more info in the docs.

We're on the home straight...

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